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The Euro may not find lasting downward follow-though having plunged after Italian Prime Minister Renzi resigned after losing a pivotal referendum vote.The upcoming referendum in Italy this fall will have a major.EU Referendum Result Live: Sky News brings you live results from the EU referendum.Over the course of the next quarter we see the Euro trading lower, down to around 1.02-1.03.

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Italy will hold a constitutional referendum this weekend, but some say it is really a vote on the Eurozone.

An average of the main polls of public opinion towards membership of the European Union.These measures will no doubt be painful for Greece, where wages and pensions have already been cut to the bone under the.Electoral Geography 2.0. Mapped politics. Denmark. Euro Referendum 2000.

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Brexit voting as it happened: Leave and Remain camps edge against each other Britons were voting on Thursday on whether to stay in the European Union in a referendum.

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More than three quarters of the ballots have been counted and partial.Built from the ground up to be fully responsive, you can be sure your site will present beautifully.

The Italian Referendum Could Result In The Death Of The Euro

Italy Referendum Could Result In Collapse Of The Euro

Select the subjects you want to know more about within all the international subjects treated on Sunday, Italy will have an important referendum vote on the structure of its government.

A thoughtful 2 minute film with spectacular Clockwork Orange type music.

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Referendum Results: Leave or Remain find out how your area


Climate change, the US and Europe: OECD chief speaks to euronews.

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State-run Anadolu agency now puts the Yes vote at 52% (No on 47%) with 90 per cent of ballots opened down from earlier when it was reporting 54%.The biggest change comes from the biggest city, Istanbul, with 88 percent of ballot boxes opened, the No vote was at 50.04% and the Yes at 49.96%. \n\n\t In Ankara the No vote has pulled ahead to just over 50%.

See the latest estimates and poll results at HuffPost Pollster.European Referendum Blog on European integration process with a special view from below.

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This vote is important because it can decide the trajectory of Ita.Get all the latest, breaking European referendum news on ITV News.The No camp dominated the digital referendum campaign for all of September and October, mirroring poll findings, but in early November, Yes began to gather momentum.

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, by 52% to 48%, but Scotland, London and Northern Ireland all had a majority for remain.

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On the eve of the referendum President Tayyip Erdogan reiterated a pledge to review relations with the bloc and a migrant deal should the vote go in his favour.

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Some 55 million people were eligible to vote and some observers are reporting up to 80% turnout.

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The focus of this unique document is the protection of the health and lives of European citizens from corporate interests whose multi-billion dollar profits derive.How do you evaluate the performance of the Euro during the Q2 of 2016.

This blog supports the idea of a European wide referendum on every future.

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