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TOKYO — Tumbling stock markets and falling currencies are causing global concern, but the Japanese yen is generating high anxiety for rising too much.As the yen-carry trade grew, currency analysts warned it was a bubble of cheap credit, which one day would burst.

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All this money from Japan added to an excessive abundance of cheap capital that many economists now blame for causing the current financial crisis.

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The Carry Trade, Portfolio Diversification, and the Adjustment of the Japanese Yen The Carry Trade, Portfolio Diversification, and the.How to trade the Japanese yen. The other big thing that drives the yen is the carry trade, this is where traders borrow money in the yen,.

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The yen carry trade is when traders borrow yen at a low-interest rate and invest it in a currency with a high-interest rate.We saw this with the Japanese Yen during the Great Financial.

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Now, investors are unwinding those loans as interest rate differences between Japan and the rest of the world shrink, making yen borrowing less lucrative.As a result, the Japanese currency is one of the best candidate for carry trades.

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The Japanese yen and related currency exchange traded fund are depreciating in value as the government implements aggressive quantitative easing measures.

The Japanese yen is considered a safe haven asset (seen in USDJPY and EURJPY) due to the following reason: Yen as the funding source of carry trades.A carry trade is a strategy in which an investor sells a certain currency with a relatively low interest.

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Japanese Yen: Carry Trade Flows Continue To Guide Price Action. Japanese Yen price action will likely continue to overlook the fundamentals of the domestic economy.

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Indeed, some currency analysts said this dissolution of the yen-carry trade may already be reaching its climax.The yen carry trade, that great hedge fund moneymaker of years past, is back with a vengeance.

Some of the biggest players in the carry trade were American and European hedge funds and banks.

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Christine Lagarde, the French finance minister, confirmed as much in an interview with Bloomberg News.When global market volatility increases, the popularity of the yen carry trade fades.They invested that money in higher yielding assets across the world, from home loans in Budapest and Seoul to equities in Mumbai.Since that time, the yen has risen 24 percent against the dollar as investors have repaid their yen borrowings.

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The prospect of global recession has also led central banks in many countries to cut interest rates, reducing the appeal of borrowing in Japan: South Korea cut interest rates by three-quarters of a point Monday, its biggest one-day move ever.

The yen surged as much as 10 percent against the dollar last week.For much of this decade, Japanese and foreigners alike borrowed money in Japan, where interest rates were very low and money was therefore cheap.Much of the yen-carry trade took place beyond public scrutiny, in the form of currency options or other types of derivatives trading.Get live exchange rates for South African Rand to Japanese Yen.

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The yen, and the prospect of a recession in crucial overseas markets like the United States, have helped drive the benchmark Nikkei 225 index down some 50 percent so far this year.When I asked Japanese officials in recent years for estimates of how big the yen-carry trade had become,.The US dollar and the Japanese yen have been the currencies most heavily used in carry trade transactions since the 1990s. The Effects of the Yen Carry Trade.

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The classic carry trade in currencies came from the days where many emerging markets had pegged FX regimes and high interest rates—due mostly to shallow financial.