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The term bull goes beyond gay slang and is a part of vernacular in the general alternative culture.

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In a bear market, the chances of loss are greater because prices are continually losing value.

Bear and bull markets are named after how each animal attacks its prey.A bullish trend in the stock market often begins before the general economy shows clear signs of recovery.Bullfighting Vocabulary. Male bulls who pass the tienta will return to their pastures and females who pass will be used to bear offspring.

Definition: A bear market is when the price of an asset class declines substantially over time.Bull is a collective name for market participants who flood.Know the Difference. Every year, black bear hunters kill several grizzly bears by mistake, which can have dire consequences for local grizzly bear populations.By Kim Petch Posted in:. Bulls vs. Bears. For those who are new to stock market lingo,...Matches using bulls and bears (whether together or against other animals) took place in the Elizabethan era in London and were also a popular spectator sport in ancient Rome.

The company made an announcement this week that is in some ways a positive, but in the.

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Bull and Bear Markets are a reality that every investor must be prepared for.Bull Versus Bear: The Outlook For Oil Prices. So, which side to take.Bears and bulls were literally once fierce opponents when it was popular to put them into an arena to fight one another.

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Bear Attack, Man is trying to run away from attacking Bear: GoPro - Duration: 1:25. Horse VS Bull,First time ever seen - Duration: 2:00.During a bull market, investors can invest in more equity with a higher probability of making a return.

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Phil Town discusses how bull markets happen when the market is going up aggressively over a period of time, while a bear market is just the opposite.Bull, bear and stag are all terms relating to a stock market perspective or particular investment strategy.

On the other hand, a bear market is when the economy is NOT doing well— unemployment is high, and a recession is approaching.

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BULL-BEAR LINE meaning - BULL-BEAR LINE definition - BULL-BEAR LINE explanation.Market definitions for bears, bulls, and hogs (pigs), bear markets, and bull markets are and where the terminology originated from.A bull is someone who believes the stock market will go up and a bear is someone who believes the stock market will go down.

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Bull: Everything is fabulous, the economy is booming, stocks are rising, and unemployment.Definition of bull market: A prolonged period in which investment prices rise faster than their historical average.

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A bounce opportunity played out as bearish bulls seemed positioned for a trap door decline in the gold sector.

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Most analysts announce a bear market when prices have fallen 20.

Any successful stock trader must know the different between the two to help better protect their money and investments.The Largest Digest of Investment Advisory Newsletters Published Today -- Stocks, Mutual.

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