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Why the Yen Just Keeps Getting Stronger. By. The proximate cause for the yen to hit 112 against the U.S. dollar Thursday—8.5% stronger than just.When it comes to the decision of whether you should buy or sell dollars, it all boils down to how the economy is performing.

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So there is no global convoy of inexorable economic growth and progress.

Europe is a terminal victim of socialist welfare and statist dirigisme.

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Why the dollar will get even stronger from here. Countries that have an especially large structural US dollar shortage in their economies see their currencies.

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The value of the euro is getting stronger relative to the US dollar as Emmanuel Macron appears to be wrapping up the French presidency and as European economic growth.All three are attempting to defer the day of reckoning via resorting to a final spasm of money printing and central bank manipulation that is so desperate and crazy that it can only end in disaster.

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So as trite as it sounds, the US dollar is the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry.December 16, 2014. The US Federal Reserve only has a basic capital ratio of...

A stronger dollar will be a headwind for U.S. manufacturers and businesses that sell.

International Business community - International Trade - International. risky assets for safe havens like the US dollar.The reason is simply that the other three big economies of the world---Japan, China and Europe---are in even more disastrous condition.

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The dollar index, which measures its value versus a basket of other world currencies, is at a four-year high.The Japanese government is hands-down the largest debtor in the world, with its gross public debt currently at 240% of GDP.

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Yet despite these surface difference, the non-US big three economies are held to be just part of a global economic convoy heading for continued economic growth, rising living standards and higher stock market prices.

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The problem is a state sector that has reached nearly 50% of GDP and is thereby smothering entrepreneurs and investment everywhere on the continent.And that will hit the high end machinery and engineering exporters like Germany and the US, creating a further negative loop in the gathering deflationary crisis.

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So I am wondering what is going on in the world that is increasing the strength of the US dollar.

The yen has been getting stronger since the earthquake and. hitting its highest level against the US dollar in 65 years.

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What happens to the US dollar. and as a substitute for the gold standard. As the U.S. dollar continues to grow stronger.Enjoy video lectures on economics, business strategy, and finance, free of charge.

Higher interest rates in the United States have made U.S. bonds more.