Kitco gold discussion

But it reguires much more effort and skill than treating everything as black and white.The mafia soon realizes that their collection is late, and sends some of their hoods after the deaf collector.I have pondered this situation and have a few random thoughts.If we see some serious downside it will be very interesting to listen to our friends on CNBC.Now Alan Greenspan tells Congress this morning that future surpluses depend upon Congress itself not succumbing to the temptation to commit prematurely to future surpluses that exist only on paper.Flexibility has made me a success at my profession, but it makes the decision of when to disagree with others much harder.Plenty of honest, law-abiding citizens walk around with PLENTY of cash in their pockets.

But they will be a wake-up call for the entire financial community.So -- my guess is that Saddam does not have anything deadly such as the Marburg variant -- which could spread all over the world -- because there is no antidote -- unless he stole it.Can Clinton stall out the last three years of his presidency, without creating a constitutional crises.And guess what- many people who do have savings are setting themselves up to loose a good proportion of it in the next bear market.Unfortunaly, in the real world, justice rarely seems evident.Fist fights broke out at service stations with long lines of cars waiting to gas up.During a bull market in bullion they can easily triple in value within a year or two.I do think Intel will really shake the market - then again so do you.They accumulate, and they just keep on getting bigger- and shifting of the earth is the only thing that will get rid of them.

Therefore, I honor plants by being a pure carnivore, hunting down and eating the vicious, cruel eaters of plants: bunnys, sheep, goats, cows, tapirs, tree sloths, zooplankton, ovo-lactarians and vegans.Necrobiology is the design of biologicals to deliver or induce death for no purpose other than to kill.If I have a hefty gain and sell earlier, I have to pay 60 percent taxes and cannot deduct any margin costs.From May 3-4, the Kitco News will be hosting multiple gold-centered panel discussions and interviewing some of the biggest.

These letters stood for the International Gold Bulion Exchange.Mother nature does molecular biology at a scale that makes our lab efforts look puny.Source said They still had Palladium. couldnt assess extent of supply.If the relative strength in gold stocks perists, it will be very bullish for POG some weeks or months down the road, but tells us little about the day to day fluctuations.

Such officials would have oversight on Congressional spending.Gold NEEDS this loss of confidence of paper to attack and convincingly cross the 300 mark which will happen in the next 2-3 weeks.You just keep repeating the politically correct thing to say.

Many individuals, such as one of my relatives, do not wish to know certain truths, even though they affect their lives.It was customary to pay logging crews and miners in gold and silver coins and those who saved their money were able to buy thousands of acres of prime farmland as ridiculously low prices then hire others as sharecroppers to work it.We still have not been able to control the HIV virus, or adequately deal with MDR resistant organisms in our hospitals.Both NZ and OZ are beautiful counties, With an easy way of life established.The interest rates rise in order to preclude foreign investment capital from exiting domestic markets ( imperative in order to maintain strength of U.S. dollar, stock, and bond markets ).I could theoretically sell the house and stay in there, but prices for houses where families live in as tenant are much lower because of our socialist rent law. ( 25 to 30 % less ) So I have to keep the house and make a wise financial investment to offset the most possible price crash.Directors must take their responsibilities seriously -- there can be no passing the buck.Those guys are IRRELEVANT compared to the damage done to our ethics, values and virtues by Hollywood, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and the former press.

Sincere gold investors are invited to request a free copy of the newsletter.Looks like this subject is finally going to hit the fan this year, about 3 years too late.Outside our little virtual world of Kitco, truth is generally not a matter to investigate.And if you think I am being extreme, or morose I feel sorry for you.

Still think today may have been transition day for crude, heating oil, hogs and as it may turn out, gold, but in the opposite direction from my earlier thoughts.The lease rate has actually predicted the POS quite nicely, and still tracks it.

Peck said Intel has had to cut chip prices faster than in the past to keep up with the increasing demand for less-expensive PCs.If the supercycle proved out, you would expect the gold price to go up dramatically to make up for the missed six-year cycles.The draft document on the gold certificates program, prepared on the initiative of Unexim Bank, has been undergoing approval by the Central Bank for two weeks, an extended board meeting of the Union of Gold Prospecting Artels reported Monday.Ok, Comex is probably a private entity, but as a public service, by all means, lets see it.

Our clever AG will be at work behind the scenes, trying to hold everything together, IMHO.This story, like the recent Salinas dope scandal, was later confirmed and reported widely in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere.They have contained the Tennessee TB outbreak twice in the last three years or so.I think also that the market bear will not begin in earnest till the fall -- still have my sp500 puts - most expire in December.He told a conference on the regional crisis that the IMF had been caught unprepared for such a widespread economic meltdown and was still not ready to cope with its consequences.

Asia is looking to be sick of the almighty dollar and may not be welcoming as many as they once did.As gold is retracing its breakout, the dollar is retracing its breakdown.The bank was prepared to establish credit facilities of up to five million dollars per Indonesian client to help exporters cope with imports of raw materials, he said, adding the bank could be flexible on its terms and conditions.FY 1999 begins for the federal government, and their financial systems will encounter the first real problems.If you had it stored under a matress, you could only spend it at risk of being caught and facing felony charges.Also, the markets today are more sophisticated and behind the scene maneuvers can delay the implosion.