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In a passage in his Georgics, a long poem celebrating rural life, the Roman poet Virgil describes how Bacchus is honored in the countryside by hanging small masks from pine trees.View in context His shoulders are rounded from much study, and his face protrudes forward, and is forever slowly oscillating from side to side in a curiously reptilian fashion.The basics of oscillators - what they are, what they are used for, and it shows a couple of demo circuits with a sine wave oscillator and a square wave.

The McClellan Oscillator is a technical analysis indicator for determining the behavior of an overall market, rather than the behavior of a single asset.Dictionary Thesaurus Medical Dictionary Legal Dictionary Financial Dictionary Acronyms Idioms Encyclopedia Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

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Top voted out of 4 Narrower Terms are crystal oscillator, heterodyne oscillator and local oscillator.

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Word History: The history of the word oscillate shows how English words referring to technical or scientific concepts often come from Latin words describing everyday objects and ordinary life in ancient times.

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Simple harmonic motion describes the vibration of atoms, the variability of giant stars, and countless other systems from musical instruments to swaying skyscrapers.

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During the oscillation of a pendulum (Figure l,a) it deviates repeatedly to either side.

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A harmonic of such a wave is a wave with a frequency that is a positive integer multiple of the frequency of the original wave, known as the fundamental frequency.View in context The water roared in his ears like the voice of Niagara, yet he heard the dull thunder of the volley and, rising again toward the surface, met shining bits of metal, singularly flattened, oscillating slowly downward.

Define oscillation: the act of regularly moving from one position to another and back to the original position — oscillation in a sentence.

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View in context Guppy was still oscillating in the same troubled state of mind.

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Definition of oscillation: One complete cycle of repetitive to and fro motion, from one extreme (maximum or minimum) to another (minimum or maximum) and back.Oscillations. motions (changes in state) that have some degree of repetition.

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Oscillation in physics is when a system or object goes back and forth repeatedly between two states or positions, moving through an equilibrium point.

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An electronic oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a periodic, oscillating electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave.