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The spray bottle I use in this post is glass as are the ones I use at home.The recipe calls for a total of 45 drops of essential oil and yes it is necessary.Peer-reviewed research on coconut oil, as well as all the latest news.Essential Oils pose no risk to septic tanks and drain fields as they are just all-natural, aromatic compounds found in plants.Once the BM passes through the surface of the water, the oil barrier closes and traps all the nasty odors below.With a husband and 3 teenage boys we go through Poo-Poo Spray way too fast to pay those crazy prices.

Well I was dining in a chicken place, after leaving the bathroom.Po Sum On Oil is an all-purpose peppermint oil that is primarily used to warm up muscles, improve circulation, and relieve pain.

I have made lots of poo-poo spray using all different combinations of essential oils along with regular food coloring from the grocery store and never had the food coloring lose color.I come from a family of seven and when I was growing up we only had one bathroom.Poo Pourri is a serious product with a fun and funny marketing campaign.The Best Homemade Shampoo Recipe. I must say I am really happy with my first no-poo try.

Throw down those laxatives and try loading up of these foods that will get you going.You should try a combination of the citrus oils first and see how you handle it.Green stools can fall within the normal color range for bowel movements.As a business owner, I just wanted to (gently, I hope) throw in my two cents about poo poo-ing a small business based on how they have to price their products to thrive in a down economy.Our FAQ answers questions consumers have about our rectal care and constipation relief products.

Do you have any remedies or suggestions how to solve this problem.

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Especially if you have a bunch of boys in your house like I do.

Over a quarter of a million people have come looking and for good reason.When my teenagers read this post they thought I was making that part up.However, when I went into the pin to make it again it does not list the additional EO combos anymore.

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Blue Food Coloring — visual aid so you can see the oil barrier.

The two most common causes of floating stools are excess gas and poor absorption of nutrients.And I love that your using all your cheap, good for nothing else EOs for Poo-Poo Spray.Track Order Find. non-lathering formula with peppermint and grapeseed oil stimulates and cleans the scalp and hair without.At PooSpray.com, we have lots of people ask us about what the best essential oils are.This homemade version is so easy to make and works as good as the big-name brand.

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If you decide on the candle oils later, you need to know that a frarance oil rarely has any of the actual essential oil in it.I was already almost sold by the mere principle of going shampoo-free—all-natural, cruelty-free beauty is my jam—but the promise of frizz-free, flawless texture.With a husband and 3 teenage boys, its sure massive around my house.And I love that you stopped using air fresheners cause that crap will kill ya.Turn out light. (Oh sorry, thought I was talking to my kids for a second there).Please don’t give your pup mineral oil.I can only imagine what you deal with in that tiny bathroom at work.I used different essential oils I had on hand and the scent is wonderful.

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I found lots of info on the internet about essential oils being safe to use in septic systems.

I just made some of this and it literally takes a minute to do.

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The gylcerin is is just an emulsifier and you could make the poo-poo spray without it as long as you shake well before use.Yesterday went to the bathroom and when i got up i saw a lot of orange oil floating on top of the water over one small turd.On dec 25th, I had some orange, oily substance that floated on top of the water in the toilet, along with solid poop.Any thoughts about how to refresh it or better yet make it last longer in the first place.After a couple of days it is like they get clogged and there is no getting it spraying again.Words of caution for Oil Prepoo - Not all oils can prevent or reduce hygral fatigue.They can collect dirt and stains over time, though, and you might be at a.