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Ever since a new drilling technology, called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, made it possible to extract natural gas from shale deposits about a mile underground, a new gold rush has been under way.

Is the new boom in domestic natural gas production an economic bonanza or environmental disaster.If you leave it at the state level, local governments will tend to strike a balance between the economic benefits and the environmental safety issues.

John Rumpler: Fracking presents a staggering array of threats to our environment and our health.Ultimately, the firm believes that the direction of oil prices in the near.OPEC cannot protect world oil prices which have plunged since.

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Oil Drilling: Risks and Rewards. By. and eastern Gulf regions would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before.Hydraulic fracturing in the United States. but died with the decline in the oil price.In North Dakota they are flaring off the gas, just wasting it into the air.There are air pollution problems and earthquakes from the deep-well injections of the wastewater into the gas-producing shale, as well as significant global warming emissions.The word in fracking country — and lots of other places — is that Saudi Arabia is keeping prices low in order to put fracking in.

The truth about fracking and the environment. and chemicals to break up shale rock formations that contain natural gas and oil.Rumpler: Take a look at Chesapeake Energy, which is one of the biggest fracking operators out there.

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The untold story of how a small team of researchers saved the lives of millions of felines—and helped identify the cause of AIDS.Aquifers, the underground rivers that provide our drinking water, are about 100 to 200 feet below the surface.A wave of bankruptcies and closures is sweeping across the oil.The Guardian view on the economic and environmental impact of. courtesy of the fracking boom. All of which suggests that low oil prices could be here for a.

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These range from contaminating drinking water and making families living near well sites sick to turning pristine landscapes into industrial wastelands.

If not Chesapeake, it will be another driller—probably one of the smaller ones—that goes under, and the communities will be left holding the bag.Fracking Affects Property Prices. The major factor on whether property was affected was proximity to the fracking well.The question about fracking that gets the most attention is contamination of drinking water.Reckless Endangerment While Fracking the...In the US it has significantly boosted domestic oil production and driven down gas prices.Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings then try again.

Bruce McKenzie Everett: Nothing in the world is entirely safe, but by the standards of industrial activity in the United States, fracking is very, very safe.The Fracking Facts. by. (able to be produced economically given current market prices). whether from fracking or other methods of extracting oil and gas that.This fall, our Costs of Fracking report detailed the dollars drained by dirty drilling—from property damage to health-care costs to roads ruined by heavy machinery.Illinois misses the fracking boom because of falling oil prices. The impact of the drop in oil prices is most visible in the city of Fairfield in Wayne.

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Oil fracking uses water and chemicals under high pressure to fracture shale rock.The Economist explains Rising oil prices. Everything you want to know about falling oil prices.

His research has included gas-to-liquid conversion technology as well as the economics of oil, gas and coal production and use.This Time, Cheaper Oil Does Little for. oil and gas drilling in recent years has changed the way energy prices affect the. fracking, drove that share.

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I read an article about the recent fall of gas prices in the US claiming that the fall in gas prices was due to the expansion of fracking within the US.

Forecasts for the state of US shale oil. 0 0 0 0. In June 2014, the glut spillover effect finally started to affect global markets and prices began to fall.

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Rumpler: Is it conceivable to imagine regulatory fixes for all the various problems caused by fracking.For example, the state government of Pennsylvania understood that the economic activity from fracking could be very, very positive for the state.

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