Open interest volume EXplorer will open here if you enable JavaScript in your browser.Volume remained high, but open interest started to collapse as did the market.

It is the total number of futures contracts traded during the day or the.All contents and information presented here in are property of and are not to be.

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We shall explore in this tutorial the correct method of determining liquidity in options trading.Volume and Open Interest can be a barometer of future activity and direction.

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This caused many option traders turn to the next unique number, the open interest.What liquidity of stock options contracts mean is how readily they can be.

Options strategies must be applied in specific market conditions to be money-makers.The brokerage company you select is solely responsible for its services to you.Generally, the higher the volume of a stock options contract, the higher its liquidity.But there are a number of useful statistics besides price movements that tell.Volume is the ultimate measure of liquidity in stocks trading but an additional measure called Open Interest is introduced in stock options.Options traders speculating on a high volatile move in the near future.

Open Interest (also known as Open Contracts or Open Commitments) refers to the number of active or open contracts for any given security.This again is not accurate as every single option contract started out with 0 open interest when first launched.

Options volume is also used in the calculation of the popular contrarian indicator.Open interest is a term used in futures and options, and is a count of the number of contracts outstanding.Description: The document you requested has moved to a new location.

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Data is deemed accurate but is not warranted or guaranteed. and are not a registered broker-dealer and does not endorse or recommend the services of any brokerage company.Open interest provide useful information that should be considered when entering an option position.

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When a stock options contract is first launched with 0 open interest.Open interest measures the total number of options contracts that exist for a particular stock.Open interest is the number of open positions floating in the market.Price movements in the options market result from the decisions of millions of traders.

However, bid ask spread can sometimes be misleading as bid ask spreads of very illiquid stock options can.Volume measures the number of transaction that took place on each stock options contract for that day.

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