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Explorer for School Leavers. Explorer is open to both young internal hotel candidates and external school leaver participants who combine training with real-time.Hi, Your best option will be to take a National Vocational Certificate (NVC) at college.

The subjects that i am doing are mathematics and life science and because they dont have physics i added agricultural science.

Sri Lanka Jobs For School Leavers

Hi, You will need to finish your matric if you are going to be a nurse.Hi, As far as I know you can only get learnerships with matric.

And is it possible for me to get grade 10 without doing grade 8 over again.The School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) otherwise known as the Transition to Work (TTW) is a 2 year program offering participants and their families a boutique.

Recent School Leavers or Returning to the Workforce - Casual

I dropped out of school (Grade 10) in 2009 to look for a job (to support my family) I did basic computer skills and security (E,D,C,B,A) during that time.Otherwise you can register at your nearest TVET College for a National Vocational Certificate which is equivalent to matric.

You could also possible just do Grade 10 online without completing ABET III.Hi, If you do this online questionnaire it will help you to find the area of work that you are interested in.What other suggestions do u have for me to get oppotunities for employement.Hi my name is Ntombi i recently graduated in IT at University of Venda.If you want to study at University you may find that you are able to apply without matric because of your age and also if you have been working in the field and you can show that you are competent with reading and writing in English.Hi, From what I see of their website they ONLY offer certificate courses.

You start by going to the college for a careers assessement and intake test (maths and english).If you target big employers (like Metrorail) then you will have a chance of promotion and further training.If you tell me more about what you want I will be able to be more helpful.School leaver programme The BP Supply and trading school leaver programme offers.Address: Corner Koma Road And Molele Street, 822 A Van Onselen Rd, Johannesburg, 1863 Phone: 086 176 8849.

Is it possible to do diesel mechanic at TVET college if I failed matric matric results are not really that bad,I only failed maths and physics.Hi Ben, Yes Westcol offer the National Vocational Certificate (NVC) in Hospitality or Office Practice.Can I use IBS level 4 to study LLB taking my age into consideration.Career Advice and Information for school leavers (Matriculants) How do I decide on what career to choose from.They will not build on your current qualification though as they are all Vocational Matric Certificates.They will be able to give you some extra maths classes to help your maths get up to level for the boiler maker course.Hi, you will be better off to go to a centre that has adult matric- or go to TVET College and do your National Vocational Certificate, which is equivalent to matric- Kath.Fail matric in 2009 and want 2 study safety and society but need help with a accommodation bursary plz help and transport.

Hi my name is Lebo am 28 years am a school leaver at grade 8 now I want to thunder my studies in abet where can i go and how much does it costs.Otherwise you could look and see if you can train as a Home Based Carer in your area, this is a position that assists nursing sisters with home visits in your community.

You will get a matric equivalent certificate at the end but it will also focus on a job option.If you let me know where you live then I can help you further.Hi, Go to your local TVET College and apply for an Office Admin Certificate.Hi i failed matric i want to study media at creative act collage in durban can i get NSFAS.You can also think about where you would like to work and take around your CV.If you are struggling with maths they will make other course suggestions to you based on your interests and abilities.

Hi am millicent i wnt to do nursing i dnt hv matric m 24 years old.Probably either Tshwane North or Tshwane South are going to be closest to you.

You will gain a qualification at the same level as matric but with a career focus.Whilst there are vocational matrics that allow you get matric and also study in a particular work area there is no vocational matric pathway for nursing.Anything you can do to build up your CV and show that you are employable will help.